Dog Friendly Places in CLE: The Dog Stop Plus


The Dog Stop Plus is a facility in the downtown Cleveland area that provides daycare, boarding, grooming, retail, and soon training! It is a one stop for all your pet needs under one roof. It is a franchise of the The Dog Stop located in Pittsburgh and the Cleveland store opened in 2016. Located at 2640 Carnegie AVE, they are open from 6:30am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-6pm Saturday-Sunday. The Dog Stop Plus offers many promotions as well. Currently they are offering 5 free days of daycare for new customers. They also have punch cards for when you buy retail items. Refer friends to The Dog Stop Plus to get a free day of daycare. For more information on promotions and to look at all the packages they offer, take a look at their website.

The Dog Stop Plus is managed by Ron Baus. We first meet him and other employees of the Dog Stop Plus at the Pucks and Paws event. We decided to give The Dog Stop Plus a try after we received a free day of daycare from their promotion on Instagram for Easter. You can’t miss the red building on Carnegie, right by the exit from East 90. You walk in right to the retail store that offers many quality toys, treats, food, and more for both dogs and cats. We signed Bella up for daycare and received a tour of the facility. They separate dogs based on activity level and behavior. They give your dog a 20 minute temperament test after you leave and then slowly introduce other dogs at daycare to your dog. Bella is a very active dog so she was placed with other active dogs. There are a couple fenced off indoor play areas for the different groups, along with doors that open to outdoor areas as well. If your dog needs to be fed while at daycare, they do give them breaks to rest and eat. I also signed Bella up for a nail trim for $10 and purchased a treat while we were there.

At checkout, they are great about any requests or information you need. I arrived at a busy time for pickup and as I waited, I noticed how much they know about their customers and the great interaction between them. They take the initiative to get to know you, which is a plus for The Dog Stop Plus! It’s also a bonus that their hours are a little more extended than other daycares, which is great for people for who don’t have the standard 9-5 job. Bella went home all tuckered out and with a nice nail trim. Don’t hesitate to check them out!


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