Dog Friendly Places in CLE: South Euclid Dog Park

South Euclid Dog Park is located in Quarry Park North in South Euclid/Cleveland Heights area. It was maintained by the Friends of the Ideal Dog park, Off-leash , also known as FIDO. Their website is currently not working but you can check them out on Facebook. They are now maintained by One South Euclid. Within Quarry Park, there is also a baseball field and a playground, which makes it nice to bring the whole family with you.

The South Euclid Dog Park is a very good sized park and it is clean! I was surprised on how nice it is. It is big and open. There is an agility course too, which you don’t see at other dog parks. There’s a spigot for water, which isn’t on during the cold months, and a couple a big dog bowls. There are a few fire hydrants within the park for those dogs that like to use them to pee on. There is a friendly sign to remind you to clean up after your dog. They do provide doggie bags but they are outside of the entrance of the dog park, along with the trashcan.

While we were there, we encounter about 5 dogs. Bella definitely enjoyed herself. With tennis balls provided there, we also played fetch for a while in the big open space. This is one we will have to revisit when it’s nice out. Check out photos from our visit:




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