Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Sibling Revelry Brewing

Need a place to take your dog when its hot and muggy or raining outside? Sibling Revelry (website here) is located in Westlake and allows dog inside! It is open Tuesday-Thursday 4-9pm, Friday 4-10pm, Saturday 12-10pm, and Sunday 12-8pm. On one of the walls, the definition of sibling revelry is posted as “noun (pl) people related by a common tie celebrating with lively and noisy festivities (often involving alcohol)”. According to their website, it also means “A brewery founded by brothers and cousins in Westlake, Ohio.” This local brewery makes their beer right in house. They have huge glass windows behind the bar that allows you to see where they brew the beer. The look inside has an industrial look, and the tables have board games in a basket to play while you are trying the beers.

There were 10 beers on tap when we went. You have the option of trying a flight of 4- 5oz. beers or 7- 5 oz. beers or just a pint of any beer. I tried a flight of 7 beers: Swing State, IPA, Belgian Gold, Third Wheel, Uncle Bert’s Beer, Ohio Native, and Paw Paw Pale Ale. Each sample of beer in the flight is $1.75 unless it’s a specialty beer, which is $2.00. My favorites were the IPA, Uncle Bert’s Beer, and Paw Paw Pale Ale. Outside, there is rotating food trucks where you can buy food and then bring it inside to eat with your beer. On the day we went, Nelly Belly Applewood Fired Pizza & Piadina Truck was there and we tried their Red Wagon Farm Belly pizza for $10. It was very good with fresh veggies on top!

Sibling Revelry is a great dog friendly place. Dogs are allowed inside, which is sometimes hard to find places like that. They also bring a dog bowl full of water without you asking since “dogs can drink for free!” They also gave me 2 dog treats to feed her as well. The big tables are sturdy enough to tie your dog to so you can have your hands free to eat and drink. While there, Bella got alot of attention by others and workers. Overall, I really enjoyed our experience there. This is definitely a great place to go with your dog, especially when the weather is bad outside and during the winter.

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