Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Pour Cleveland


Pour Cleveland is located downtown Cleveland on Euclid AVE by the entrance of 5th Street Arcades. This local coffee shop serves coffee from multiple roasters. They rotate roasters with ones they believe are the best and have cupping events to introduce them and try them out for yourself. It is great way to keep things new, fresh, and exciting every time you go! Pour Cleveland is also part of the “disloyalty card” program with other local Cleveland coffee shops. They also serve delicious pastries from Fluffy Duck Cafe and bagels from Cleveland Bagel Co. The inside decor and light fixtures is a modern industrial like style and looked awesome, as we were not the only ones there photographing the place. You could find plants at your table, which was nice seeing nature inside when it is cold and dreary outside. You can stop by and check them out Monday-Friday from 7am-6pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, and Sunday 9am-4pm.

We went to Pour Cleveland on late Saturday morning with our fellow friend/blogger from The Bar League CLE. All smiles were found when we enter the coffee shop. I purchased a mocha latte, which was quite delicious! Bella tried to order as well by putting her paws on the counter. However the one rule there is no dogs on the counter, for cleanliness and health code reasons. We found a table near the front of the coffee shop that looked out to Euclid AVE. Many pedestrians on the street stopped to look at Bella through the window. We were there for about 4 hours! I brought a bag of treats and a bone to help distract Bella as I worked on my laptop. I got a cup of water for her to drink from. We didn’t get any grievances for the amount of time we were there with Bella. But how can you say no to a dog?


We didn’t get any grievances for the amount of time we were there with Bella. But how can you say no to a dog?


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