Dog Friendly Events in CLE: Pet Days on the Plaza


Dog Life in CLE is excited about having a table at this new series of events at Playhouse Square. Pet Days on the Plaza is on Fridays from 10am-2pm at the US Bank Plaza a few days through out the summer. The first event was June 16th and it runs on July 7th, July 21st, August 4th, August 18th, September 1st, and September 15th. This event includes local vendors, groomers, and animal rescues. You can bring your pup and stock up on dog items and try free samples, or meet a potential dog that you could bring home to love. The first event included City Dogs Cleveland as the rescue, along with vendors Dog Life in CLE, Paw Kids, Yipp Yipps Dog Biscuits, Joy Cares, and Neighborhood Pets Outreach and Resource Center. It was a beautiful day and the turnout was pretty steady throughout the event, with high traffic during lunch time. We met some dogs that live downtown that stopped by too. Adopted City Dogs were present with volunteers. From 20% our sales that day, Dog Life in CLE raised $48.60 for local animal shelters. The next event isn’t for a couple weeks, but keep it marked in your calendar to check out!










Pet Days on the Plaza Dates:

  • June 16th 10am-2pm
  • July 7th 10am-2pm
  • July 21st 10am-2pm
  • August 4th 10am-2pm
  • August 18th 10am-2pm
  • September 1st 10am-2pm
  • September 15th 10am-2pm

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