Dog Friendly Events in CLE: Pack Walk with NEO Dobes


NEO Dobes is a friendly group of doberman owners in Northeast Ohio. They hold pack walks a couple times a month and go to a few dog friendly events together. Bella and I attended the pack walk at Edgewater Park on June 11th. Bella was a “honorary dobe” in the pack. There was about 15 or more dogs that attended the pack walk, mainly all dobes. Even though Bella is not a dobe, they welcomed us with open arms as they are opening up their pack walks to all dogs. We met at the beach and walked up to the upper level of Edgewater Park. We got a group picture at the Cleveland Sign. We walked to the dog beach and let the dogs have some fun in the water. After hydrating, we walked over to Honey Hut and enjoyed some ice scream. We had alot of fun with a great group of people and dogs! Keep your eye out for the next pack walk!

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