Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Loop

Loop is located on 2180 W 11th St in Tremont. It is open Monday-Thursday from 7am-9pm, Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 8am-10pm, and Sunday 8am-8pm. This trendy coffee shop not only sells coffee, but it also sells art and records! The cafe is on the first floor. The record store part is at the back of the first floor and continues to the second floor. Local art is found on the walls. The coffee and bakery item prices are reasonable. Outside, there is a small cute patio to side of the building.


Before heading to Loop, I made a phone call to see if they were dog friendly. I was told that I can bring my dog in to order, as long as my dog isn’t reactive to other dogs, and I can sit outside on the patio. So when I arrived, I took Bella in with me. There was a dog treat jar on the counter, which was very nice to get her sit down while I ordered. I just got an iced coffee. There was a counter top station to add your creamer, sugar, and other add-ins for coffee after they handed it to you. The staff there is very friendly and the feel of the place was very positive! I felt the place was very unique and local artist friendly. Coffee is reasonably, with small hot coffee being only $2! Bella and I sat on the patio while I drank my coffee. There was a water dish out there for her to drink from. Overall, I recommend trying this place out!


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