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LaunchHouse is a coworking space on the east side of Cleveland. Located in Highland Heights, LaunchHouse is also an educational resource center and incubator for local small businesses. It is a great space for networking and they hold events often that reach out to entrepreneurs of all types. With day and monthly passes and options of having an office outside of your own home, LaunchHouse makes it comfortable to work on projects and build a company in a fun environment.

LaunchHouse has a few small conference rooms and a big coworking space that can also have separation with the many white board walls. Many of these boards provide information and inspiration. There are many tables and different types of seating to make yourself comfortable in. There is a pop of color with green and yellow walls within LaunchHouse to keep it away from being a boring work area. They have a cafe area that provides unlimited coffee with your pass, water, full kitchen for your lunch needs, and they may have snacks from local businesses for you to try, including the new LaunchBars. Launch Bars are gluten free snack bars to “Fuel the Day”. This small company was launched by my friend and the Director of Operations + Membership of LaunchHouse, Marybeth Stucker.


“Play with me human!” —Torrey #dogstagram #dogsofcle #doglifeincle

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LaunchHouse is also teaming up with Corporate Canine LLC to create a Dog@Work program for LaunchHouse. LaunchHouse is already a dog friendly work environment. The LaunchHouse mascot, Torrey, is often pictured on their social media pages and played with Bella for a bit when we arrived. With creating policies in expectations of behavior of both humans and dogs, it will make things easier to accommodate more dogs at LaunchHouse as they work with more dog related businesses. It will also create a safe environment for both dogs and humans so everyone can work together. Diane from Corporate Canine LLC implements help to businesses by creating Dog@Work programs to increase employee’s productivity and morale, and help reduce stress. There has been supporting research that having pets in a work environment is beneficial.

With our small business, Dog Life in CLE, Bella and I attended the Coworking in CLE: After Hours on Wednesday, May 11th from 5-7pm. This free event gives you the opportunity to work alongside other entrepreneurs in the evening. This event is a partnership between LaunchHouse and Sail Loft, another coworking space in Midtown (unfortunately this coworking space is not dog friendly!) Pizza was provided and the evening started off with a meet-and-greet to learn what other people are working on. You were then free to work on projects and network more with other entrepreneurs there. It was cool seeing how everyone had their own niche of things they were working on and information and services they were able to provide others. I managed to start this blog post, write some emails, check social media, catch up with people who attended that I knew, and meet others that I have not met yet that sat in the tables around me. They do have a dog bowl set in the reception area as well. Overall, it was a good experience and plan to attend the next After Hours event when it returns to LaunchHouse.

Are you are looking for a place to work away from home, but can still bring your well mannered dog? LaunchHouse is the answer. Check out some of their upcoming events to see what they can offer you.


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