Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Lakewood Dog Park

Today was a gorgeous day with a high of 61 degrees! Of course I had to take advantage of it. I took Bella to the Lakewood Dog Park (find info on the park here). It was her first time ever going to a dog park. She did exceptionally well with other dogs. She doesn’t playing a little rough with bigger dogs. However, she is a female dog and with the amount of male dogs there at the time, I had to frequently push them off of her. Thankfully Bella is already fixed so I don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant. I just wished that other dog owners cared enough to do something about their dog when it was behaving like that.

I liked Lakewood Dog Park. It was definitely big enough with plenty of room for her to run around in. They also have a small dog area for those with smaller dogs. Plus, there are plenty of water dishes around the dog park and supplies to clean up after your dog. Bella was a happy dog when we got home. I will definitely plan to another trip soon!



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