Dog People Box: July 2016 Review

I have been reviewing Barkbox’s for months now, but today I have a new box to share with you! This is a totally new Dog box that is not only for dogs, but for humans too! Dog People Box (website here) specializes in finding cute dog items for humans, along with a couple dog items for your dog if you opt for that option. There are 2 boxes you can choose from. The Dog People Box is a box with hard to find dog themed items such as accessories and home goods. It costs $44.99 plus free shipping a month. The Deluxe Dog People Box is a Dog People Box plus 2 items for your dog. This box costs $49.99 plus free shipping a month. It was just launched to sign up for in June and the first box came out in July.

I subscribed for the Deluxe Dog People Box. The first box was an amazing value of $119.50, saving you $69.51! I am sure the following boxes will not have as many items since it was an exclusive first box, but I assume the value of the following boxes will be well worth the subscription. July’s month theme was Summer Kickoff.

July Dog People Box 11


The first item on the list is an exclusive Dog People Box tshirt for $21.99. It reads “Sorry My schedule is full… I’m spending the day with my DOG”. It is a blue color tshirt. I like this shirt alot since I do have days where I just spend time with Bella. All dog owners need those kind of days. This shirt goes perfectly for those days. There is not a store for Dog People Box made items, but hopefully they will in the feature.

July Dog People Box 4

The next item is also an exclusive item. The Dog People Box tumbler is a $14.99 value tumbler with hand drawn pictures of dogs made by the founders of the box. This is also another item that you can’t find anywhere else.

July Dog People Box 5

The most expensive item in the box is the exclusive Dog People Box tablet sleeve. It values at $45.00! Another item that you can’t get anywhere else, it protects your tablet when traveling around with it.

July Dog People Box 3

Socksense Socks are valued at about $2.53 a pair can be found on Amazon. I am not normally a big sock person but these unique socks are cute.

July Dog People Box 8

The Longboard Dachshund Hand-Printed Resusable Bag is $3 and carries small items when traveling. This cute little bag has a Dachshund on a skateboard.

July Dog People Box 7

The Cheddar and Banana Doggy Pretzels is an item for your dog. At value of $3.99, these treats can be found at 2 Little Boston’s Etsy Store. These treats came in a cute bag and Bella goobled these up!

July Dog People Box 6

The Mootug is a tug toy for dogs that value at $14. Found at Mootug’s Etsy Page, this toy is perfect for dogs you like to play tug. Bella loves to play tug a little too aggressive. This toy didn’t last a whole day.

July Dog People Box 9

The last item in the box is a Bad Tags Custom Tag. The tag that we received reads “I has toots in my butt”. These fun tags come in many different sayings that you can get on their website here.


In conclusions, the first box exceeded my expectations. There were a bunch of exclusive items and 3 dog items for your dog. The value of the box was much more than what I expected. I am excited to see the August box! The theme will be Best Friends. If you like to try the box, you can find the link here. You can also use the code DOGPEOPLEBOX to get 10% off your box.

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