Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Huntington Reservation


Huntington Reservation is part of the Cleveland Metroparks. Located in Bay Village, this park is also connected to Huntington Beach, which we have visited before during the off season. BAYarts and the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center are also located in the reservation area. BAYarts also has outdoor markets in the summer that are dog friendly. Take a look at the park and trail map. Huntington Reservation is also close to Cahoon Park, which has an exercise trail with views of Lake Erie.

Bella and I walked some of the trails at Huntington Reservation. The Porter Creek Trail went along the creek and brought us to Lake Erie and Huntington Beach. We encountered some deer that didn’t run away so quick when we were hiking. We also walked the Hemlock and Fox Squirrel Loop, which also had a great amount of shade under the canopy on a hot day. We probably spent about an hour of hiking through the trails plus a stop to the beach to watch the sunset. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Even though the trails are not super long for an all day hike, this was a nice change in pace from walking in the neighborhood.


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