Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Hinckley Reservation


Hinckley Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks, is located in Hinckley, OH. You can view the maps of the reservation and of the trails. There is an all-purpose trail and bridle trail, along with dirt trails that go along the lake.

90 acres of this reservation consists of Hinckley Lake, which is a beautiful site with all of the fall color leaves on the trees surrounding it. You can boat and fish within the lake. The Boathouse is open September – May during the week from 10am to 5pm and Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day Weekend from 8am to 8pm.

According to Hinckley Reservation, Whipp’s Ledges within Hinckley Reservation have elevations rising 350 feet above Hinckley Lake and formed more than 250 million years ago. There is also another set of ledges called Worden’s Ledges.

Also, the Buzzard’s Roast is the location of the annual watching of the return of buzzards (also known as turkey vultures) on March 15th. In 2016, it was the 59th year that Hinckley Reservation has put on the event! Read about it on WKYC.

This park has easily became one of my favorites to take Bella. I enjoy venturing through Whipp’s Ledges and hiking the trails by the lake. If your dog tends to pull you around or is very reactive, I would be very cautious about going to Whipp’s Ledges, especially by yourself. It’s best to have another person with you in case something happens to you. But overall, fall is a beautiful time to hike with your dog. If you haven’t been to Hinckley Reservation yet, I definitely recommend it!

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