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This is a much overdue post! Greg Murray is notorious of being the best pet photographer in Cleveland, an animal advocate (especially for ending breed specific legislation), and author of the book “Peanut Butter Dog” book, which features over a hundred dogs licking and eating peanut butter! The book has also been rated #1 new release on Amazon and will be released March 14, 2017. His new studio is located at 14323 Madison AVE in Lakewood.

We went for our second photo shoot with Greg Murray this past week in the new studio. He deals with “mostly animals, sometimes humans”, which you can see written on the window. It is a nice size studio with window awnings in the front, and tall ceilings with great details. To the left, there are some of Greg’s favorite portraits hanging on the walls, one of them being Bella’s photo at Public Square. In the studio, Greg has many toys, treats, peanut butter, and other fun things to get the dog’s attention and to play around with. Greg and Bella got to play together and Bella gave him lots of kisses. We also left with an official card that is sold in stores from Greg that has our Instagram friend Stella on it.

Check out the studio and Bella’s experience:



We came for this photo shoot to get pictures for our column in CLE Dog Magazine that is coming out in April. Greg will be the cover story for the magazine in May! For these pictures, we did a few of us just sitting together, a few where I kiss Bella, and a few where I put peanut butter on my face and Bella licked it off. They turned out great!


Check out the photos Greg took below:



Bella had her first photo shoot with Greg Murray back in September 2016. I had emailed him and we set up a photo shoot in the new Public Square downtown Cleveland. Prior to the shoot, Greg had me fill out a survey so he could prepare for the behavior and personality of the dog. At the shoot, he came prepared with treats and a tennis ball, which is Bella’s favorite toy. Bella did a great job listening to us as well. We were there for about an hour. Within a week or two, we got the photos back and they were amazing! For some of the photos where Bella had her leash on, he was able to edit the leash out of the picture! Check them out below:




The pictures truly speak for themselves! Greg is an awesome photographer! If you are interested in having Greg take photos of your dog, check out his website and contact him at


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