Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Euclid Creek Reservation


Euclid Creek Reservation is part of the Cleveland Metropark system. Located in Euclid on the east side of Cleveland, Euclid Creek runs the entire length of the reservation. The creek runs up to Lake Erie and Euclid Beach. Near the Quarry Picnic Area, there is a site of a “ghost town” of a village called Bluestone that used blug-gray siltstone in building sidewalks, which some still remains. There are both paved and dirt paths in the reservation that are shaded with under the canopy. There are 4 trails including an All Purpose, Glenridge Loop, Upper Highland, and Squirrel Run. Check out the park and trails map.

Dog Life in CLE held a Dog Walk Meet-Up at Euclid Creek Reservation. We had 8 dogs attended with their owners. We meet at the Highland Picnic Area and walked the entire Upper Highland Trail. This trail was paved and ran alongside Euclid Creek. The views of the creek are very pretty with the rocks. Some of the dogs got a chance to play in the creek as well. We walked for about an hour and half with some rest stops and hydration breaks. The park was very vibrant and lively with all the local residents spending time at the reservation on the nice day. It is definitely a great place for people (and dogs!) to exercise. Everyone who came to the meet-up were from many different areas of Cleveland. We all bonded with the awesome personalities of each dog present. Take a look at some photos from us and others who joined in the adventure:

Kelli Bard and Remi posted these pictures on Facebook:



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