Let’s end BSL in the Greater Cleveland area so ALL dogs can enjoy ALL dog friendly places and events in ALL Cleveland neighborhoods!

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has been an issue in many cities in the Cleveland area. BSL is an ordinance or law that deems certain dog breeds as “dangerous” or “vicious” and/or bans them from that city. Pitbulls are the most common breed to be considered “dangerous”. Many pitbulls are found in shelters longer due to the image that BSL puts on them as being “dangerous” and the inability of people in these cities to adopt these animals. According to allbreeds.org, these laws don’t work because:


In Ohio, pitbulls are not considered “dangerous”, however this does not overturn each community’s breed specific legislation.

Allbreeds.org is Lakewood, OH’s stance on BSL. If you are a resident, you can sign the petition to help end BSL in Lakewood. You can also contact your city council members about the BSL issue and volunteer your time to get more signatures for the petition at events.

*Any other cities with petitions, please contact doglifeincle@gmail.com to be added to this page!


There has been some cities that removed BSL or voted down BSL:


Join some local advocates to ending BSL:


Dogsbite.org is informative on questions about BSL, along with listing out the cities in each state that have BSL. The list below is a modified version from dogsbite.org with the cities in the Greater Cleveland area that has BSL, along with links to the city’s website and to the BSL ordinance.

Cities with BSL:

City Website View Ordinance Type of Ordinance
Bedford Heights Section: 505.21 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Broadview Heights Section: 618.19 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Brook Park Section: 506.03 Bans: pit bulls, American bulldogs and presa canarios
Brooklyn Section: 505.29 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Chardon Section: 505.16 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Cleveland Heights Section: 505.091 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Euclid Section: 505.37 Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
Fairview Park Section: 505.17 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Garfield Heights Section: 505.215 Bans: pit bulls
Highland Heights Section: 505.011 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Lakewood Section: 506.12 Bans: pit bulls and presa canarios model ordinance
Mentor-on-the-lake Section: 618.16 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Middleburg Heights Section: 618.21 Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
North Olmsted Section: 505.16 Pit bulls, presa canarios and American bulldogs declared “vicious”
Olmsted Falls Section: 618.01 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Parma Section: 618.09 Bans: pit bulls
Richmond Heights Section: 505.17 Bans: pit bulls
Rocky River Section: 505.11 Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
Sheffield Lake Section: 505.18 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Vermilion Section: 618.01 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of Bratenahl Section: 505.01 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of Kirkland Hills Section: 505.14 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Village of Moreland Hills Section: 505.01 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Warrensville Heights Section: 505.20 Bans: pit bulls
Wickliffe Section: 505.14 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Willoughby Hills Section: 505.07 Pit bulls declared “vicious”

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