Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Edgewater Park

Edgewater Park (find more info here) is located next to Lake Erie right off the Detroit Shoreway. It has a beachy feel without the ocean. There is a beach for humans, along with a beach for dogs (that allows your dog to be off-leash). There is paved and gravel paths along the park with many pavilions, tables, and grills to have a nice afternoon picnic. There is a playground for little kids to enjoy. There is a beach volleyball net on the beach and there is also a pier to sit and enjoy the views of the lake or go fishing on.

While Bella and I were there, so many people were out since it was such a nice day out! There was a group of people performing a drum circle in the grassy area not far from the beach. In the field, some people were flying kits.  On the side of the hill, a person was paragliding. All sorts of people were walking around and hanging out. It is such an interesting atmosphere and I could just people watch for days there.

The views of the lake and the downtown Cleveland skyline from this park is absolutely spectacular. It is definitely a place to get pictures at for any occasion. Bella had a little photo shoot of her own as I tested out my photography skills. We spent about 3 hours walking around, taking pictures, and hanging out at the beach. Bella and I will definitely be back to Edgewater Park for sure to enjoy the dog beach and have a picnic! The weather is not warm enough just yet to play in the water with her or to wear a swimsuit yet! With this park being fairly close to me, this is definitely a place that I could spend hours at with Bella.

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