Dog Friendly Events in CLE: Edgewater Live

Edgewater Live

Edgewater Live is an event on the beach at Edgewater Park that is held every Thursday from 5:30-8:30pm starting June 9th until August 11th (Find more info here). There is a different local band performing each week and a DJ. Along the beach, there is a long row of local food trucks selling varying food items to appeal to all tastes. Alcohol is also served at this event for those of age. Thousands of people go each week for this fun event. Bring your chairs, blankets, volleyballs, friends, and family for fun in the sun and the beautiful summer in Cleveland.

Following this event on June 23rd, July 28th, and August 10th, they just started Citizen’s Bank Cinema at Sunset. You can enjoy a movie as the sunsets on Lake Erie. Hence making it a perfect date night!

Whether this event is truly dog friendly is questionable. For the first 2 weeks of the event, there seemed to be no problem with dogs being there. Based on this, it made it appear to be a dog friendly event as more people started bringing their dogs. However when I took Bella to the event on June 23rd, there was a complaint by a lady and we were asked to remove the dog, but to take our time. There were several other dogs there at the event. They were all well behaved as well. Why someone complained, I am not sure. I see no problem but it just takes one person to ruin it for us. We will see if this issue happens again.

Bella had a great time just laying in the sand and being in the atmosphere, so I would hate if this event becomes not dog friendly. Dogs are normally allowed at the beach. There are surrounding areas of the event at Edgewater that are dog friendly if you run across this issue. You just will not be able to sit right in front of the stage, but you can still hear the music and enjoy your time with your pooch.


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