Dog People Box: September Review

Have you tried Dog People Box yet? Dog People Box (website here) is a very unique monthly subscription box that brings all sorts of dog themed items for humans (and dogs if you choose the option of getting dog items too!) Dog People Box finds hard to find items for people who love dogs. You can get the regular Dog People Box with human items only for $44.99 a month or you can get the deluxe Dog People Box with human items and dog items for $49.99 a month. I’m subscribed to the deluxe box because how can you resist getting items for your pup too!?!?! What is also nice is they customize the items you get based on your gender, tshirt size, and dog size. Dog People Box also donates 2% of their sales to animal sanctuaries each month!

My review is for a female with a large dog. Bella is technically borderline between a medium and a large dog but I tend to get her the large dog sized stuff nowadays since it’ll last a little bit longer. You can change your preferences at any time and you can even skip a month if you’re short on cash.

You can also read about last month’s review: Dog People Box: August Review.

September’s Deluxe Dog People Box arrived in the mail yesterday. This month’s box theme is “Step Into Fall”. It is a “handmade edition” with all items in the box being handmade.  There were 4 items for humans and 2 items for dog. The value of this box is $81.48, which is a steal from the $49.99 price! How they find these items and get away with this great deal is a mystery to me! So let’s take a look at what’s in this month’s box:

Human Items:


September Dog People Box 11

Love My Dog Bookmark with Clip ($18.99): This cute bookmark is perfect to save your spot in a book that you’re reading when cuddling up with your dog and a blanket. The bookmark has a ribbon with dog paw prints on it and is attached to a clip. You can find this at Charming Book Clips Etsy shop.


September Dog People Box 7

Dog Paw Soap ($6.50): This paw shaped soap bar is a great addition to your bathroom. It is made with mango, shea, and cocoa butter. You can find this at LadyEosProducts Etsy shop.


September Dog People Box 5

The Best Autumn Days Are Ones Spent with Dogs Graphite Drawing Print ($27.99): This framed print reads “The Best Autumn Days Are Ones Spent with Dogs”. It is drawn by one of the founders of Dog People Box!! This one of kind can’t be found anywhere else and it is a Dog People Box exclusive item. This will look nice in my living room!


September Dog People Box 8

Dog Paw Wine Stopper ($10.00): This wine stopper is made with wood and have a printed dog paw picture on the top surface. Great to cork a bottle of wine that you were sipping on while watching your dog play in the backyard. You can find this at Woodland Crew’s Etsy shop.


Dog Items:


Pumpkin Dog Treats ($8.00): It’s that season for pumpkin everything! Your dog should be able to enjoy some pumpkin things too! These dog treats are shaped like a bone and made out of light rye flour, dark rye flour, pumpkin puree, molasses, canola oil, water, and baking powder. Bella enjoyed these! You can find this at BW Bakery Etsy shop.


Recycled Fire Hose Toss ‘N Fetch Dog Toy ($10.00): This unique toy is made out of an old fire hose! It is professionally cleaned so you don’t worry about your dog ingesting harmful chemicals. Bella chewed this up pretty quick! Thankfully it was easy to clean up since there is no stuffing inside, there is cloth instead. You can find this at Puppy Luv Pet Boutique Etsy shop.


I am pleased with this box! These items I will definitely use. I am excited for the pumpkin dog treats for Bella because I love pumpkin stuff and was hoping she would get something pumpkin in this month’s box. I can not wait to see next month’s theme! If you haven’t checked them out yet, go to Dog People Box’s website.

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