Dog People Box: October Review

Sorry for the delay in this review! With the Cleveland Indians in the World Series plus Bella and I moved to a new home, life was a little crazy at the end of October!

October Dog People Box 9

Sadly, this is the last Dog People Box Review!! Unfortunately they had to close their doors (their website is already shut down too)!

Dog People Box was a very unique monthly subscription box that brings all sorts of dog themed items for humans (and dogs if you choose the option of getting dog items too!) Dog People Box finds hard to find items for people who love dogs. You had the options of the regular Dog People Box with human items only for $44.99 a month or the deluxe Dog People Box with human items and dog items for $49.99 a month. I subscribed to the deluxe box because how can you resist getting items for your pup too!?!?! Dog People Box also donated 2% of their sales to animal sanctuaries each month!

October Dog People Box 8

October’s theme was Trick-or-Treat! Obviously this fits well for Halloween in October. The retail value of this box is $78.90, which a steal for the $49.99 price for the box! My review is for a female with a large dog.

Let’s take a look inside:


Ceramic Paw Print Dish ($8.95) –  This cute, little ceramic dish you can find at BeachwoodStreet Etsy shop. I will make this useful in my bathroom as a jewelry holder. It also comes with a free treat for your pup!

October Dog People Box 4


Handmade Infinity Scarf ($16.99) – This scarf is just a plain mint infinity scarf. It actually isn’t dog related at all but it is a great fall accessory to wear when taking your pup on a walk! It does not say where this item is from.

October Dog People Box 2


Thinking of a Treat Apron ($24.99) – This apron I will be using when baking some homemade dog treats for Bella! It is blue with a dog thinking about a dog bone treat. It does not say where this item is from.

October Dog People Box 3


Pawprint Near My Heart Necklace ($14.99) – This necklace contains charms of a pawprint and hearts. It is honestly too bulky for my taste with all of the charms. I may take some off before wearing it. It does not say where this item is from.

October Dog People Box 5


Organic Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter Dog Treats ($6.99) – Give your dog a treat for Halloween! They come in a cute Halloween pumpkin bag. Bella was all over these once I pulled them out of the box. It does not say where this item is from.

October Dog People Box 6


Trick-or-Treat Bandana ($5.99) – This bandana is stitched with the saying “I Do Tricks for Treats” and a bone. I am honestly not a fan with the teddy bear material. It doesn’t seem to fit in my opinion and the colors are not Halloween colors. It does not say where this item is from.

October Dog People Box 7


Dog People Box only lasted 4 months. I am surprised it ended so quickly. When I first heard about it, I was very excited since there isn’t another box out there like that! This last box didn’t have many items as I would like as well and I have no idea where most of them came from! I’m sure they didn’t put as much effort into it, like their previous boxes, because they were shutting down. I hope the founders will have success as they pursue other things. Now it’s time for me to find another dog box to review!

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