Dog People Box: August 2016 Review

Dog People Box (website here) is a very unique monthly subscription box that brings all sorts of dog themed items for humans (and dogs if you choose the option of getting dog items too!) Dog People Box finds hard to find items for people who love dogs. You can get the regular Dog People Box with human items only for $44.99 a month or you can get the deluxe Dog People Box with human items and dog items for $49.99 a month. I’m subscribed to the deluxe box because how can you resist getting items for your pup too!?!?!?

What is also nice they customize the items you get based on your gender, tshirt size, and dog size. My review is for a female with a large dog. Bella is technically borderline between a medium and a large dog but I tend to get her the large dog sized stuff nowadays since it’ll last a little bit longer. You can change your preferences at any time and you can even skip a month if you’re short on cash.

The Deluxe Dog People Box for August 2016 has a Best Friends theme and has retail value of $73.89! It came with 4 human items and 2 dog items. I actually love all of these items in this box!! It is a bonus on how much you get for your money! It is definitely worth it! I also love on their logo how they use the “D” in Dog to look like a dog. Very clever and cool. Bella has a look on her face like, “Mom, can I please have my items already!” Now for the review of the items.


First, the HUMAN items:

Best Friend Dog Keychain ($12.99) – This cute key chain can be found at Silver Dove Jewelry shop on Etsy. It comes with 3 charms: a bone, a pawprint, and a charm that says “Best Friend”. This item definitely fits in with the theme!


Dog People Box August 7

Poof! It Exploded! Microfiber Pillow Case ($19.90 for 2) – Two of these funny pillowcases can be found at ImaginePlus shop on Etsy. These pillows are perfect for pet owners that have destructive dogs. Thankfully Bella only destroys her toys and not pillows!! This shop on Etsy has other cute dog items as well!


Dog People Box August 8

The Road to My Heart Tea Towel ($12.50) – This towel is perfect for the kitchen of a dog lover. It readsw, “The road to my Heart is paved with Paw Prints”. I will be saving mine for my new place that Bella and I will be moving to in a couple momths. You can find this towel, along with other dog towels and more at SEWNSEWbyPamela shop on Etsy.


Dog People Box August 9

Let’s Keep in Touch Greeting Cards ($18.00) – These paw print cards are perfect for mailing out to a friend or family member. They are blank on the inside so you can write whatever your heart desires. There are 12 cards and envelopes in the pack. Unfortunately, they do not say where these are from exactly, but they are from a small shop in New Mexico made by a sweet elderly lady!

Now it’s time for the DOG items:


Recycled T-Shirt Rope Toy ($4.00) – This recycled dog toy is a 16 inch rope made out of t-shirts! There is a correction for the paper that list the items…. It is from FurryTailsTB on Etsy (not FurryTailsFB). Of course Bella loves this toy as she is a tug of war champ at our place. This toy is long too so there is plenty of room to get a grip on it!


Shorty’s Gourmet Cookie Treats ($6.50) – These treats had Bella drooling! These large bear claw shaped cookies are vegetarian and organic with options of regular flour or gluten free/wheat free flour. Organic Carob chips are used since chocolate is toxic to dogs. You can find these and other cool dog items and treats at Shorty’s Gourmet Treats on Etsy.


Like I said, Dog People Box is worth the money! Try it out and sign up here. On social media, tag @dogpeoplebox and #dogpeoplebox to be featured! Next month’s theme is Step into Fall! Fitting as the summer is about to end (which doesn’t feel like it should be so soon!).



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