Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Cascade Park

Cascade Park (website here) is located in Elyria, OH and is part of the Lorain County Metro Parks. I found this park when researching parks on the west side of Cleveland that have waterfalls. The Black River runs through the park and forks to create a West Falls and an East Falls. At both falls, there is an overlook, along with some off the path trails that lead to closer views. The East Falls had structural parts of an old building right next to it. You could climb to this area to get closer to the falls. Cascade park also includes a Nature Center, playgrounds, picnic areas, and sledding hills. The hiking trail in-between the West Falls and picnic areas was called Cascade Ledges, which contained a lot of cool rock features to view and climb on.

You can view the Cascade Park Trailmap here.

We went for a couple hours in the afternoon. We walked the trail to both waterfalls. I would be careful when going off the path to get closer to the falls. Bella ended up pulling me down the hill and I fell down (no worries, I was ok). I wouldn’t suggest climbing the Cascade Ledges with your dog unless they are comfortable. Bella was afraid to climb on big rocks with big gaps in between them. We enjoyed the park very much with the awesome views and waterfalls. There is no better way to explain than by looking at the pictures:


West Falls:

East Falls:


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