Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Lakewood Park

Lakewood Park

Earlier this week, Bella and I had the opportunity to take advantage of the somewhat warmer weather before it started raining for the evening. Lakewood Park (Click here for more info on the park) has a great view of Lake Erie and Downtown Cleveland. They had finished construction at the the beginning of winter of 2015. I love what they have done to the park; it definitely makes the park even better than before with the Solstice Steps and swinging benches.  The only thing is dogs are not allowed on the ramp by the gazebo that leads to the Lakefront Promenade, however there is a declining path to the Lakefront Promenade by the Solstice Steps or you can just walk down the stairs at the Solstice Steps. There is plenty of room to sit and enjoy the lake and sunrises/sunsets along the newly finished construction. We got a good walk in and some pictures to share.

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