Dog Friendly Events in CLE: Cleveland Bazaar

Cleveland Bazaar (find more info on their website here) holds little markets around Cleveland throughout the year. You can find them at Market Square Park, Playhouse Square, Lake Affect Studios, and other random places and events in Cleveland. Cleveland Bazaar has various stands from local vendors who make handmade products or sell vintage items. You can find their upcoming events in my upcoming events module in the sidebar to the right of this post. You can also look at the list of events on Facebook

Bella and I visited the opening Cleveland Bazaar at Market Square Park in Ohio City on May 22nd, 2016. It ran from 10am to 4pm. Market Square Park isn’t a huge park, correlating to the size of the Bazaar. You could various items, such as clothes, home decor, food, dog items, and more. There were several dogs out at the bazaar as well. Because Bella is a spoiled puppy, I of course bought her homemade dog treats from Grateful Dog Bakery. This specialty bakery in the Greater Cleveland area is located in North Ridgeville. All of their treats, cakes, and other desserts are handcrafted and are made with local ingredients! They also sell other dog items and cat items as well. The treat I bought Bella, and what is Grateful Dog Bakery’s most popular items, was the Nutter Butter bone. Made with organic ingredients, any pup will drool for this peanut butter bone. Bella gobbled it up in a jiffy.

This event is a nice way to get out of the house. It however doesn’t take very long to get through all the stands, but it does contain so worthy items to go look at. Bella and I only stayed for about a half hour-hour long, but it also gave us an excuse to walk around Ohio City and go to dog-friendly places, such as Nano Brew. We plan to attend the Cleveland Bazaar at Playhouse Square since this the other Cleveland Bazaar that is outside and dogs can attend.

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