Dog Friendly Events in CLE: 12th Annual New Leash on Life Dog Walk

On Saturday June 4th from 8am-12pm, Bella and I attended the 12th Annual New Leash on Life Dog Walk. It was located at Edgewater Park. For $25, this dog walk supported the Northeast Ohio SPCA, which is a no kill shelter. You got a t-shirt, along with breakfast of donuts, bagels, muffins, and coffee. Water was also provided. There was a DJ, who also was a photographer for free photos. There were raffle baskets and 50/50 tickets also being sold that also went to the Northeast Ohio SPCA. Bone Appe-treat was also selling dog treats as well. I bought Bella the PB&B treats made with peanut butter, bananas, eggs, oats, whole wheat flour, and flax seed. They were $5 for a pack of 8 medium sized treats. She ate goobled it up and then didn’t want to the leave the stand. She just chilled underneath the table, knowing there were more treats waiting for her.

Registration for the event was at 8 am. The dog walk started at 9 am. The dog walk started at the Upper Edgewater Park Pavilion. It went down the hill toward the beach and looped around the path and back up to the pavilion. They had 2 water stations for the dogs. All the dogs there were very well behaved. The turnout was pretty decent, despite the early sprinkles that morning. Bella and I definitely enjoyed ourselves. It was nice event overall and it went for a good cause! It is an annual event so this will be an event to put on the calendar next year.

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