DIY Dog Crate Table

Since the weather has not been as great lately, I’ve been focusing on making things for Bella. I was inspired to have Bella’s crate turned into a table from this pin saved by Tiffany McRae on Pinterest. It helps save space and makes it more multi-functional, and that is a must in my apartment here in the Cleveland area.

The cost to make this was around $50. I had help from my dad and some materials and tools were provided by him. He has a workshop of his own so I am lucky to utilize it. I bought a 4 ft by 8 ft piece of pine plywood from Home Depot. It was cut according to the measurements of Bella’s crate using a table saw. It will vary by what size crate you have to make your measurements. The sides were screwed together with screws and a power drill.



To match with my furniture, the dog crate table was painted black.

dog grate table 4

After drying, the final product was placed over the dog crate. Now Bella’s crate can also be used as a side table in the living room and she can feel secure with her crate being covered on the side. I placed some decor on top and have it sitting right new to the couch. It makes the dog crate more attractive and functional in our living room now!

dog crate table 5

Check out my Pinterest page for more DIY inspiration!




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