Dog Friendly Events in CLE: Dinner with My Dog

Yuzu is one of my favorite places to take Bella. We have been there a couple times (Read about our first visit to Yuzu here) and even hosted our own event there (Read the Yappy Hour in Support of Cleveland APL article here). I was excited when they announce a Dinner with My Dog event! This was such a great idea! The dinner included a 5 course meal for both you and your dog. They had 2 sessions open, one at 5:30pm and one at 7:00pm. You had to reserve your spot in advance. It was $20 for humans and $10 for dogs. It took place at the patio behind the building.


The 5 courses were the following:


Drinks included: Domestic beer for the humans – Dog Beer for the dogs

Since I’m starting to become a regular at Yuzu, the servers there remember me. Matt brought me out a Corona and Lime, knowing that I like drinking those from previous times I’ve been there! The dog beer came in a cute little bottle. It is made out of no sodium broth and molasses.


1. Edamame for the humans – Dog Biscuit Flight for the dogs

The edamame was a snack sized portion. It is in the pod with tandoori spice and salt. I don’t normally eat edamame, but these were super delicious with the tandoori spice! The dog biscuit flight is 5 Milk-bone treats on a cute plate.


2. Yuzu fries for the humans – Sweet Potato for the dogs

Yuzu fries are addicting! This snack sized portion has panko, cusabi, and chives on top. Sweet potatoes are healthy for dogs and it came cut up in a little bowl. Bella really enjoyed it!


3. Chicken yakitori for the humans – Canine yakitori for the dogs

Chicken yakitori is simply chicken on stick! It came with a cooked mushroom, potato, and cauliflower and a side of mae ploy sauce. I gobbled mine right up! The canine yakitori was a couple small pieces of chicken (no stick) and a side of peanut butter. Another hit for Bella!


  4. Thai beef rice bowl for the humans – Tenderloin rice bowl for the dogs

The thai beef rice bowl is sirloin, peanut butter, green onion, peanuts, and thai peanut sauce on top of white rice. By this time, I am slowing down on eating since my belly is getting really full! So much good food, it is hard to resist! The tenderloin rice bowl had white rice with bits of unseasoned tenderloin, a couple milk-bones, and a little bit of cheese. Bella loved everything about it but she was also getting full and didn’t eat all of her rice.


5. Brown sugar bourbon ice cream for the humans – Pupsicles for the dogs

The brown sugar bourbon ice cream was delicious! Perfect ending to the meal since it was a hot one outside. Thankfully it came in a small portion since I didn’t really have much room for it. Pupsicles were made out of no sodium broth and chopped up veggies. Bella spent some time licking it while I finished mine and paid for the meal


Overall it was a great event! The amount of food for the price was such a great deal! I left there feeling completely full and satisfied. The service was great with the 3 employees working on the patio. There were several cute dogs there of all shapes and sizes. If you haven’t checked out Yuzu yet, take your dog out to their patio where they have a dog friendly patio menu including $1 Dog Biscuit Flights, $2 Dog Beer, and $5 Tenderloin Rice Bowl. Hopefully they will have another one of the events for those who couldn’t make it. Check out their upcoming event on October 5th: Dog Prom.

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