Dog Friendly Events in CLE: Cleveland Pet Expo

The Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds hosted the 2016 Cleveland Pet Expo from October 8th from 10am-5pm and October 9th from 11am-4pm. The expo is ran by Amazing Pet Expos. They have pet expos in many major cities across the US. The pet expo had many stands with products and services for not just only dogs, but for cats, birds, reptiles, and etc alike. Admission is free, which is amazing! Dogs were allowed in the expo when you filled out a waiver form and they checked for their rabies tag. There were free nail trims, samples of dog treats, an agility course presented by State Farm, and a costume contest for dogs. There was non-profit organizations there as well. Here’s the list of exhibitors for the expo:

Cleveland Pet Expo 11

Bella and I explored the Cleveland Pet Expo after the Monster Mutt Dash (since it was also at the fairgrounds that day). There were a variety of products to look at, along with products that I’ve never seen before (such as the Winter Leash).  We picked up pumpkin spice and bacconriffic treats from Dog-A-Licious dog treats. They make homemade dog treats and even personally deliver them in the Cleveland area. I got some laughs from the Cat Hair Apocalypse Comic and Cat Tats. Also it was cool to see all the reptiles from Herpes Alive Reptile Rescue. I didn’t even realize there was a rescue in Cleveland for reptiles! I learned alot at the expo and saw many new things.

Didn’t make it out to the 2016 Cleveland Pet Expo? They already announced on the Cleveland Pet Expo’s Facebook page that next year’s expo will be October 14th from 10am-5pm and October 15th from 11am-4pm!

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