Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Brecksville Reservation

Brecksville Reservation

Last week, Bella and I took a trip over to Brecksville Reservation (view their metropark website here). We went for a dog meet up for BarkHappy that I talk about in the following article here. Brecksville Reservation is a nice scenic park that connects to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CNVP) in Brecksville, OH. It is part of the Cleveland Metroparks. Within the park, you can come across the old Brecksville train station, Squire Rich Home & Museum, Chippewa Creek and gorge, Deer Lick Cave, Brecksville Nature Center, Brecksville Stables and bridle trail, picnic areas, and golf courses. There are some paved paths and there are some dirt trails into the woods. You can find a map of Brecksville Reservation at this link here, along with the trail map here.

Bella and I walked about 4 miles on the All Purpose Trail. We started at the train station by the Station Road Trailhead and went up to the Chippewa Creek Gorge Scenic Overlook and back. Along path, there are signs warning about coyotes. We did not see any on our walk and I’m the not sure how often they are seen. But out of all the parks I’ve been with Bella so far, this is the first time I have seen signs that warn you about coyotes, or any other type of animal that could cause some concern. The waterfall at the gorge is nice, however I thought it was not easy to get down close to it. It is right under a bridge to the road about it.

Overall, it is nice metropark in the Cleveland suburbs. There are more trails in the reservation than the one that we walked. It would be nice to return another time to check out the rest of the trails, along with the cave.


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