Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Bradley Woods Reservation


Bradley Woods Reservation is part of the Cleveland Metroparks. Located in Westlake, this reservation contains a small lake named Bunn Lake. You can find many geese and ducks hanging around Bunn Lake. You can find a couple trails within the reservation and a bunch of trails made off the beaten path. Checkout the trail map.

Mia, Bella, and I hosted a Dog Life in CLE Dog Walk Meetup at Bradley Woods. We had 8 other dogs come out and join us in the walk. We met at the Codrington Picnic Shelter, which was in the center of the reservation. We started off walking the Bunn Lake Loop that went around the Bunn Lake. You can find many little docks along side the lake to hang out and take in the views. We then proceeded to Pin Oak Loop, which looped in the woods back to the picnic shelter. We went around Bunn Lake Loop again, and stopped for a group photo and a quick jump in the lake for some of the dogs. We realized there was another loop, Cahoon Creek Loop, which we took next. We spent about an hour and a half total walking. There is another trail that we didn’t walk, Quarry Loop.

I think everyone enjoyed the walk. By hosting these meetups, it is a great way to check out new places with others. Bradley Woods Reservation is smaller than some other metroparks, but it provides nice trails in the woods and views of the lake. Check out our visit:





Tired puppers are happy puppers. Thanks @doglifeincle for the group hike in the park today.

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