Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Barnes and Noble


Barnes and Noble is a national chain of book stores. There are a few Barnes and Noble stores in the Cleveland area. The store in particular for this blog post is about the store in Crocker Park. This store in Westlake is open from Sunday 10am-9pm and Monday-Saturday from 9am-10pm. They also offer memberships to save money on books and there is a cafe in the store to keep you hyped up on caffeine as you read the day away. Most stores are two levels as well, filled with books for every type of reader and other merchandise.

And the best part is Barnes and Noble is dog friendly! You may need to call to double check with other stores, as some stores could be different from others about the policy of bringing in pets. I could not find anything on their website about the pet policy. Bella and I went to Barnes and Noble in Crocker Park for a book signing of Greg Murray’s Peanut Butter Book. While there, we also bought A Dog’s Purpose since the movie will be coming out soon and I want to read it before I watch it. We browsed around and found other dog related books. They have a decent clearance selection as well!

Bella enjoyed sniffing around with the hundreds of items for her to sniff there. We spent a good hour browsing at all the selections. The floors are also carpeted so she was comfy laying down as I read the descriptions of books. There is an elevator to go up to the second floor with your dog. The escalator is not the idea way to go up with your dog unless you can carry your dog.

For the person who is a book worm and a dog owner, it is nice to know you can enjoy them together! Take your pup for a visit and pick up some dog related books while you are at it too!


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