Barkbox: November 2017 Review


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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box that brings you 4-6 products of dog treats, chews, and toys. You have many options of how long you want your subscription to last (1, 3, 6, or 12 months) and if it’s for a small, medium, or large sized dog. These boxes are $29 for 1 month and discounts apply for when you purchase more than 1 month. They now have an option for Super Chewer boxes, which retails for $39. Shipping is free to those who live in the Continental US. You can get a free Barkbox with code DOGLIFEINCLE. They are very clever with monthly themes and items that coordinate well with the theme. You can also buy items from the box at BarkShop or you can purchase items at Target! This review is for a box for a large sized dog.

The Theme:



This month’s theme is Pupstate Orchards! This fall theme box is based at an apple orchard! The leaves are falling and it is prime time to make apple treats. The decorative paper shows the scene of dogs at an apple orchard. You can on the dotted line on the paper to insert your dog’s head for a picture. The description card inside is shaped as a leaf and includes a recipe for carob and peanut butter mini donuts! I will have to try this another time. The treats are apple and comfort food related, which is also perfect for November as it is getting cold outside. You have pictures of your dog with this month’s Barkbox? Use hashtag’s #PupstateOrchard, #barkbox, and #barkboxday on social media and share them!

Keep in mind this is box I am reviewing is the LARGE sized dog box. Take a look at what’s inside:

The Toys:



Knitwear Heggie ($14) –  This cute BARK toy represents a fuzzy hedgehog dressed with a scarf and hat. This toy was both of my dog’s favorite toy out of the two. They played with it so much and it was destroyed within the first day of having it.

Monsieur Acorn ($14) – This BARK toy represents an acorn with a mustache. This toy has a squeaky spiky ball inside. My dogs love to play with these balls after the toy is destroyed. This toy made it through the first day of having it. It is a little tougher for my dogs to destroy.


The Treats and Chews:



Apple Cider Donuts ($8) – These donut shaped treats are made by Treat Simple in the USA. They are 15 kcal per treat and contain the following ingredients (now conveniently listed on the website): oat flour, molasses, tapioca, flaxseed, apples, cinnamon, natural bacon flavor, vanilla. These treats smell very good that I want to eat them! My dogs really enjoyed them too.

Mac + Cheese Treats ($12) – These heart shaped and cheese curd shaped treats are made by BFF Bones in the USA. These cheesy bacon flavored treats are made out of barley flour, cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, cheese cultures, enzymes), bacon flavor, canola oil, mixedtocopherols added to maintain freshness. These treats do have a slight mac and cheese smell to them. These treats are great to give as treats to your dog. My dogs also liked these treats.

Trachea Chew ($3) – This chew is made by Butcher’s Block in the USA, This 6 inch chew is made out of 100% beef from Omaha, Nebraska. I did not give my dogs this chew. Because they will fight over it, I am waiting to get another chew so they each have something.


The Conclusion

The retail value of this box is $51!!! This is a great value!! This was a nice fall theme. The toys were cute and the hedge hog was a favorite from my dogs. The plush toy was destroyed easily but a bonus toy of a spiky ball always makes up for it. The treats were a hit and they smelled really good that I wanted to eat them too!

If you haven’t yet, try it out with the code DOGLIFEINCLE for a free box on Barkbox’s website! Make sure to hashtag your photos on social media: #barkboxday and #PupstateOrchards. And if you have a dog who destroys these toys, use the hashtag #destroyersclub to get a coupon code for more items from the Barkshop! Barkshop also has a Scout’s Honor that if your pup doesn’t like any items, you can get a free return and exchange.


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