Barkbox: June 2017 Review


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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box that brings you 4-6 products of dog treats, chews, and toys. You have many options of how long you want your subscription to last (1, 3, 6, or 12 months) and if it’s for a small, medium, or large sized dog. These boxes are $29 for 1 month and discounts apply for when you purchase more than 1 month. They now have an option for Super Chewer boxes, which retails for $39. Shipping is free to those who live in the Continental US. You can get a free Barkbox with code DOGLIFEINCLE. They are very clever with monthly themes and items that coordinate well with the theme. You can also buy items from the box at BarkShop. This review is for a box for a large sized dog.

The Theme:



This month’s theme is going back in the ages to the land before barks. Chewrassic Bark is played off Jurassic Park, a popular dinosaur movie. The paper inside has dogs running around with dinosaurs. I like the tiny dog barking at the T. Rex. The card inside shows off the dinosaur toys that can be found in the various sized boxes. It also askes you what kind of dino is your dog? I think Bella is both a plesiosaur and oviraptor. You can tag photos of your pup by using the hashtag #chewrassicbark.

Keep in mind this is box I am reviewing is the LARGE sized dog box. Take a look at what’s inside:

The Toys:



Herbert the Herbivore ($14) – The Bark & Co. toy is of the plant loving dinosaur called a Herbivore. The body has a spiky ball squeaker inside. The head is attached to a tshirt rope that goes through the body and out as the tail . Bella enjoyed whipping this toy around.

Gordon the Giant Sloth ($14) –  This Bark & Co. sloth toy has squeakers inside and alot of fluff. This plush toy is large, measuring 12″ x 9″! Bella liked booping it with her noise to hear the squeakers.


The Treats and Chews:



Dinosaur Meat Bascially ($8) – These dog jerkies of chicken and sweet potato are made by Barkbox and Pipsqueak Pup. They are wheat and gluten free. Bella destroyed these treats!

Lava Biscuits ($6) – These black heart shaped biscuits are made by Bark & Co. They are made out of oat flour, pork, apples, honey, canola oil and charcoal. Charcoal gives the treats the black color and is suppose to help in combatting bad breath, settling the stomach, and alleviating gas and bloating. Bella really enjoyed these bite size treats.

Thinkers Duck Stick ($3) – Made by Plato Pet Treats, this 8″ chew stick is made from duck meat and packed with DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid.


The Conclusion

The retail value of this box is $45! The value of the 2 toys alone make up the value of price for the box, plus you get treats and a chew! Another great theme and execution of it! Bella’s favorite overall were Herbert the Herbivore and the Lava Biscuits. I love how Herbert is both a plush and tug toy with a squeaker ball inside that can be used as a toy once the toy is destroyed. I never knew charcoal is safe for dogs, but Bella enjoyed these treats the most. She tends to have a sensitive stomach, so these treats probably made her feel good.

If you haven’t yet, try it out with the code DOGLIFEINCLE for a free box on Barkbox’s website! Make sure to hashtag your photos on social media: #barkboxday and #chewrassicbark. And if you have a dog who destroys these toys, use the hashtag #destroyersclub to get a coupon code for more items from the Barkshop! Barkshop also has a Scout’s Honor that if your pup doesn’t like any items, you can get a free return and exchange. We may try the Super Chewer box next month!


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Comments (1)

Howloooo Amanda and Bella!

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share your grrreat feedbark about June’s Chewrassic Bark BarkBox! We’re so glad to hear that Bella thought the toys and treats were dino-mite! 😊

Herbert the Herbivore was definitely a pack furvorite, and we are so yappy Bella gave it two paws up! The squeaky ball, combined with the rope and plush makes it a definite pup-pleaser- pawfect for tug of war, squeaking, or just thrashing around! And Gordon the Sloth is cuddly, squeaky and pretty doggone adorable! We’re pupsolutely thrilled the Chunks of Lava treats were such a hit with Bella- who knew charcoal had so many benefits for pups?! We hope the treats helped Bella’s sensitive tummy!

Thank you again for being such a pawesome member of the BARK pack! Paw-lease give Bella an extra belly rub for us- and a treat or two! We can’t wait to hear how she ruvs July’s goodies!

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