Barkbox: January 2017 Review

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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box that brings your dog treats, chews, and toys. You have many options of how long you want your subscription to last and if it’s for a small, medium, or large sized dog. You can get a free Barkbox with code DOGLIFEINCLE. They are very clever with monthly themes and items that coordinate well with the theme. You can also buy items from the box at BarkShop. This review is for a box for a large sized dog.


The Theme:



This month’s theme is Pup in the Air! Starting off 2017 right, this month’s Barkbox is letting your pup take a much needed vacation. The box is made to look like a suitcase stamped with various locations in the world that are popular destinations. Inside, there is a passport for your dog to travel anywhere in the “Chewnited States of America”! You can use your 10,000 frequent fetcher miles as well. Make sure to use the hashtag #pupintheair when posting to social media. Along with the toys, treats, and chews, Barkbox did another great job in the theme. It definitely makes me want to start planning my own trip with Bella for 2017.

Keep in mind this is box I am reviewing is the LARGE sized dog box. Take a look at what’s inside:

The Toys:


Pawlaroid Camera ($12) – Another Bark & Co orginal that is a great rendition of a Polaroid camera! It has a rope handle and a cloth photo of a dog sticking out his tongue attached to the toy. There is also a squeaker inside. Bella did rip parts of the photo off since it is thin. But the camera has held up so far.

Ripley’s Rucksack ($10) – This Bark & Co original is is a 12 inch long stick looking toy with a sack at the end with a big ball squeaker. Your pup will run away with this toy! Bella enjoyed this toy the most because of the big squeaker in the red sack. This toy has also held up well so far and has not been destroyed at all.


The Treats and Chews:



Planes Trainers and Automobiles Pork Treats ($?) – Pork flavor and grain-free dog treats. They are not found online unfortunately.

Wafflers with Bacon and Molasses ($6) –  These waffle shaped treats are soft and chewy. They break apart easily to give smaller portions at a time. They are also grain free, made in the USA, and a Barkshop exclusive.

Knuckle Slice ($4) –  This chew is a thick knuckle slice from an American born-and-raised Angus beef. It is slow roasted for 3 days and provides a long amount of chewing time for heavy chewers.



The Conclusion

I am not sure of the actual retail value of this box since I couldn’t find Planes Trainers and Automobiles Pork Treats online. The box is valued at minimum of $32 plus the cost of the other bag of treats. It is still a great value compared to the purchase cost of $29. Plus getting this delivered monthly is a convenience! There were many items in the box and I always love the themes. This box came great items that reminds you of vacationing and just getting away from home. The toys are always my favorite! I also love the passport!

If you haven’t yet, try it out with the code DOGLIFEINCLE for a free box on Barkbox’s website! Make sure to hashtag your photos on social media: #barkboxday and #pupintheair. And if you have a dog who destroys these toys, use the hashtag #destroyersclub to get a coupon code for more items from the Barkshop!


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