Barkbox: April 2017 Review


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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box that brings your dog treats, chews, and toys. You have many options of how long you want your subscription to last (1, 3, 6, or 12 months) and if it’s for a small, medium, or large sized dog. These boxes are $29 for 1 month and discounts apply for when you purchase more than 1 month. They now have an option for Super Chewer boxes, which retail for $39. You can get a free Barkbox with code DOGLIFEINCLE. They are very clever with monthly themes and items that coordinate well with the theme. You can also buy items from the box at BarkShop. This review is for a box for a large sized dog.

The Theme:



This month’s theme is Throwback Thursday! This box was a throwback to the 1990s! I absolutely love this theme since I was born in the 90s and it just brings back memories. #ThrowbackThursday is a popular hashtag to use on social media as well. They did great playing off words to make this box their own hashtag: #ThrowbarkThursday. When you opened the box, the paper inside was a collage of dogs, some of them dressed up, plus some fun doodle drawings. You were also give a sheet of stickers. The toys inside bring back the old school style of the 90s. Very well thought out theme and I love the detail in it.

Keep in mind this is box I am reviewing is the LARGE sized dog box. Take a look at what’s inside:


The Toys:



Ko Gnaw Mi Code Controllers ($14)- This toy is a Bark & Co. original and great for playing tug of war! It has two plush controllers with squeakers connected by a bungee rope. This toy is a throwback to old Nintendo controllers.

Sully’s Squeakin Sneaker ($12)-  This toy is a Bark & Co. original and has tougher material than the average toy. It also has a squeaker inside. This toy is a throwback to high top sneakers with bright colors and this is the only shoe Bella is allowed to chew on!!


The Treats and Chews:



Uptown Pup B’nana & Coco ($6?)- This item was not on Bark Shop’s website and it wasn’t easily found on the web. The price is questionable but estimated. These treats were also not Bella’s favorite. They come in a waffle shape but soft enough to easily break apart. The flavor of these treats is peanut butter, bananas, and coconut. Every piece I gave Bella, she spit it on the floor, and then she would sniff it before eating it for real.

Duck Treats ($6)- These Bark & Co. original treats are made out of duck and wholesome ingredients like potatoes, pearled barley, and oatmeal. They are all natural and hypoallergenic. They are skinny cylinder shapes that can be easily broken up and given to your pup in smaller portions.

Pig’s Ear ($5)- This is a self explainitory item! But one of Bella’s top pick of chews!


The Conclusion

The retail value of this box is $43! It is a great value compared to the purchase cost of $29. Plus getting this delivered monthly is a convenience! The treats are a great quality with ingredients that are good for your dog, even those with allergies. This was a fun box and brought up great memories. #ThrowbarkThursday is a great play off of #ThrowbackThursday

If you haven’t yet, try it out with the code DOGLIFEINCLE for a free box on Barkbox’s website! Make sure to hashtag your photos on social media: #barkboxday and #ThrowbarkThursday. And if you have a dog who destroys these toys, use the hashtag #destroyersclub to get a coupon code for more items from the Barkshop! Barkshop also has a Scout’s Honor that if your pup doesn’t like any items, you can get a free return and exchange. We may try the Super Chewer box next month!


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Howldy pawtners! We are so happy that you and Bella get to reminisce about the good ole days together with this month’s Throwbark theme. I am so glad that the toys were a hit – isn’t the game controller toy so fun?! You can be player A and Bella can be player B! Who do you think will be the top dawg?! 😉

I am so sorry to hear that Bella doesn’t ruv the B’nana and Coco treats. We know each pup has their preferences, and it looks like Bella loves those meaty treats more! Do not hesitate to bark at for a Scout’s Honor replacement! We are dedicated to making your sweet girl happy.

Thanks again fur being in the pack and for reviewing this month’s theme! Give Bella an extra duck treat for us today!

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