Dog Friendly Places in CLE: Avon Lake Dog Park


Avon Lake Dog Park is located within Weiss Field Park in Avon Lake, Ohio. This dog park opened up back in 2008. It features dog park equipment from Paws N Play. When you first enter the park, there is post to hold your dog leashes. There is at canine castle, dog slide, a big ramp for big dogs, and a small ramp for small dogs. There are a couple trash cans with doggie bags station. You can find a small dog area as well in the corner. Many benches surround the interior of the dog park. Some bonuses are there is a water fountain and bowls in the dog park and there are many trees. During the summer, this helps keep the dogs cool.

Bella really enjoyed this dog park. We love the dog park equipment! You could find most of the dogs on the canine castle. Bella liked both the big ramp and small ramp. She spend a good time at the dog slide, both going up on it and hanging out underneath to cool off. There were many toys in the park, both old dirty plush toys and tennis balls. Tennis balls are Bella’s favorite so she enjoyed them. I thought this park was a great size too. I think this is an awesome dog park in the area. With ball fields, a children’s playground, and pavilions also within Weiss Field, you can bring your whole family here as well.


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